Viability of X8

Is X8 viable still with Mojave? I’d prefer not to upgrade if I can avoid the hassle. tx

FWIW, it seems fine with regard to Mojave. It’s still buggy as hell, but that was true on High Sierra as well. It isn’t the OS but Endnote that is the issue at this time, at least in my experience. I had to give it up after many many years because EndNote just was too slow, buggy and clunky to use. Thank goodness there are a plethora of better, cheaper and well-supported alternatives out there (I switched to Bookends FWIW). Was just sorry I hadn’t taken the plunge sooner since X8 was barely usable even on High Sierra, at least for me. 

The real issue with regard to the OS is that Endnote is still a 32-bit application. That is going to be nonviable, probably with the next major macOS release if not sooner. The developers have indicated for many months that they are aware, but I’m doubtful they will act in time, nor is it at all clear that ENX8 will be recompiled as a 64-bit app. I didn’t find X9 to have any features that were, for my needs, compelling, and to add insult to injury, X9 had the same bugs/slowdowns as X8 and remains a 32-bit app.