How to add a hyperlink to a citation in the bibliography (eg. to an author name), for direct acess to the journal webpage? (Word)


for Word (2016), is it possible to add a hyperlink to a bibliography entry e.g. to an author name, so this citation can be used to directly access the corresponding webpage of the article/journal?

I want to be able to use endnote fort this and not add a hyperlink to the bibliography in Word, because I don’t want the hyperlink to disappear again, as soon as I have to do some editing to the already existing bibliography, and when hitting the refresh button.


M. Czaun, J. Kothandaraman, A. Goeppert, B. Yang, S. Greenberg, R. B. May, G. A. Olah, G. K. S. Prakash, ACS Catalysis 2016, 6, 7475-7484.

theblack, underlined tex resembling the hyperlink



Not possible to my knowledge. Endnote will hyperlink from citations in the text to the bibliography and it is possible to include the URL in the bibliography listing, as a URL, but it isn’t possible to have Endnote create a hyperlinked author list to the URL, automatically.  

This would have to be done manually, after converting the bibliography to “plain text” which would prevent it from updating again after you “refresh”.  But if later changes need to be made, you would need to go back to the prior version before you did the conversion to plain text. 


thanks for the response. This is what I have been doing, but this is a very tedious work, especially for the pHD-thesis. Is there a possibility to forward this feature/idea to the developing team and have it implemented into the next update ?


You could try posting  to the Endnote Suggestions forum. I am just another user like you.