How to...add superscript to endnote citations on Endnote X8

I previously searched for “how to add superscript to endnote citations” a while ago but did not work since there are minor changes regarding the buttons or so.

So the way to add superscript to your citations in Endnote X8 is…

  1. Edit > Output styles > Edit “style”

  2. Go to Citations tabs and choose templates

  3. Highlight “Bibliography․Number” or other symbols in the citation box.

  4. On the menu tab, go to Edit > Font > Superscript

and tadaaaa! DONE!

Hope this is helpful :wink:

Hi, I have an issue maybe someone can help with. I’m using the Nature citation style, and in Endnote everything is good, the citations in the template are superscripted, but in Word everything is plain text, no superscription. Any ideas why the superscripts aren’t transferring?

Windows 7

Word 2013

EndNote X9.1



p.s. bonus question: the Citation - Author (Year) in Word is introducing a space between the last name and the number, any idea how to make that go away?

Ok, (almost) solving my own problem. Apparently EndNote X9.1 can’t handle superscripts when “underline linked-in citations” is turned on in Word 2013’s “EndNote X9 Configure Bibliography” window. Turn the underline off and all newly inserted citations will be superscripted.

p.s. removing the space between the last name and the number in “Citation - Author (Year)” was easy, I’m an idiot. Just delete the “link adjacent text” operator

Hi… those steps are not work in my computer. What should I do?

I know this is an old thread, but I just had this issue and have a few solutions after talking with support.

If you want numbered citations, but they are coming out as brackets [1], you can change that by making a new template. 

Or, if you want to avoid making a new tamplate and just use a great style that already uses superscript numbers, select the JAMA output style in the first place.

I use a Mac (MacOS Catalina 10.15.3); Word (Microsoft Word for Mac, Version 16.35); and EndNote X9 (local library, not online).

To make a new Template: 

Open your EndNote desktop program.

Click Edit in the Mac Toolbar

Output Styles > Numbered > “Edit numbered”

When the new window opens, click on Citations > Templates

Then Select the text “[Bibliography Number]”

Click again on Edit in the Mac Toolbar

Font > Superscript

Keep in mind this will make the numbers appear with a bracket superscripted. If you don’t want that then delete the brackets in the “Citation” part.

You can save this template as a new one eg: “Numbered Superscript” 

Then go back to your Word document and select the new style that you named it.