How to add the data in enl file to the references on


I was using EndNote X1 with Vesta and have many enl files saved on the PC, then when I changed PC with Windows 10 and installed the the EndNote plug I couldn’t open or use my old libraries enl.

Please, have you a solution to integrate these data within my new references library on myendnoteweb?

1.  Do you have the .data folders corresponding to the .enl files? When moving EndNote library files from one computer to another the best method is to save the library file as a “compressed library” which saves both the .enl file and corresponding .data folder as a single file (.enxl) . Not having the .data folders may be one issue. Another issue is if you’re using Endnote X1, the software  may not be compatible with Windows 10.

  1. It’s possible to sync your EndNote references from the desktop to your online account, but you will need to upgrade your software to Endnote X7 as the old version of X1 does not does not have this functionality. (Otherwise, you will need to manually input or search and direct export your references to your online account.) If you’re affiliated with the school or organization that has a site license for Endnote you might be able to upgrade your software through the IT or site license office. Otherwise, suggest contacting customer service:

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