How to automatically have accessed date when importing refs from database?


At the moment when I export a reference from a database site, such as ScienceDirect or ProQuest, all the details will go across automatically except for the access date which is required for Chicago journal referencing from an online source at least.

I have been manually opening up each reference and adding the access date myself, but when you have 10-15 references and a few assignments due this can become a frusturating and time wasting task.

I was wondering how I can make the access date automatically go into the reference info?



Unfortunately there is no way to have the access date inserted automatically. However when you are importing a group of records, you can use the Tools>Change and Move Fields command to insert the access date in all those records in one step.

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Why would you need an access date for a database of peer-reviewed publications? Just curious.

In the modified (University standard) Chicago format that I am using, when I import a journal from an online database for my assignment I am required to have the access date, as per the image I uploaded (but with the access date obviously entered).