How to create groups from groups in Endnote X8

Hi everyone,

I want to make use of the “create from groups” function to create a new group that includes references in a group while excludes references in another group. However, this function didn’t work for me. It cannot excludes references that I choose to exclude in a group. I’m a little bit confused about why this failed.

Wish somebody could help!


Can you take a screen shot of the groups of groups you are creating?  

Also can you delete your other duplicate posts?  

Hi, Thank you very much for your attention. I have attached the screenshot with this message. Look forward to your comments. Thanks.


Hi, Sorry for the posting mistakes. However, it not obvious for me to find the ‘edit’ or ‘delete’ option with regard to the post. I wonder if you could tell me how to delete the duplicate posts. Thanks.

Just to confirm, you have references that belong to both groups? Your group from groups is indicating that there are no references in Memory2020 that are also in the group Memory.

Yeah. It is certainly that there is a large portion of references of both group are the same. I used the same search criteria but time range (one is before 2018; the other is from past to present) to get the references list for the two group. 

It looks like they are gone, so either an admin removed them or you figured it out.  

It looks like your settings are correct, – so I don’t know why it isn’t working unless you ave multiple subgroups that have the same name but different contents.  

I would try again with a new group of groups, or reselect your groups in this view, save and see if it updates them.  You can also do a date range in your original search when creating a group? (before a year or after a year.  Is that how you set up one of them? 

(for some reason this was never posted)  


Thanks for your opinions.

It’s weird this function of endnote has never worked for me. I searched the database recently with the criteria used one and a half years ago. I’m not sure if the database have some updates (It seems like so, which means the search with same criteria and time range used in different time would likely to bring some discrepancies. So it is better for me recruit the function to help me do the job. However, it is frustrating that I haven’t figured it out.

ps: The duplicates of post might have been deleted by an admin.