Checking for duplicate references between groups


Relatively new to EndNote, so apologies for the basic question…

I have two groups, A & B. I would like to know which references in group A are also found in group B - is this possible, please?

I have already removed duplicates from group B so would like to avoid combining the groups and checking for duplicates again, if possible.

Any guidance would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Eltee1

Desktop verson of Endnote:

I am not sure exactly what you mean.  The same record can be in two groups.  – You can create groups from groups, which can merge the two keeping the original separate groups (group A or Group B), or a group that is what is in A but not in B, and vice versa (in group A not in Group B) or shared records (in group A AND in Group B). 

If you don’t have duplicates in your main library, you won’t have duplicates when you merge two groups.  

Hi Leanne - thanks for your quick reply.

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear, although your reply was very helpful, thanks! I’ll have a go at creating a group from groups… 

Thanks again.

Hi there

I am also looking way to remove duplicates within groups ( group A & B). I know exactly what do you mean. Have you found the solution for it? Thanks