How to custom arrange in-text citations

Hi Everyone I am looking for help with my in-text citations. I have 3 papers from the same authors published in the shame year (productive of them!). Currently they are arranged alphabetical based on the title, but I want them to be arranged based on order of appearance in the text. It is arranged in the bibliography as follows: Haim A, Fourie FL (1980a) Heat production in cold and long scotophase acclimated and winter acclimatized rodents. Int J Biometeorol 24:231-236 Haim A, Fourie FL (1980b) Heat production in nocturnal (Praomys natalensis) and diurnal (Rhabdomys pumilio) South African murids. S Afr J Zool 15:91-94 Haim A, Fourie FL (1980c) Long scotophase increases heat production in Rhabdomys pumilio and Praomys natalensis (Rodentia). S Afr J Sci 73:89 However, I cite Haim A, Fourie FL (1980b) first, and would like it to become Haim A, Fourie FL (1980a). Any advice?