In-text citation order will not change and I cannot Show Only in Bibliography

Hello all,

I’m using EndNote X7.0.1 with Microsoft Word 2011 on a Mac (Mavericks, 10.9.1).  Overall, this works quite well.  

While using CWYW, I cannot change the order of 2 or more citations after they’ve been added.  

I right click on the references, select Edit Citations(s), and then select More…   In the box that opens, (EndNote X7 Edit & Manage Citations), I use the up/down arrows in the attempt to change the order of the citations.  Once they are in the appropriate order, I click OK, which closes the box.  Then EndNote processes (“Collecting in-text citations”, etc.) and I would then expect the order in the text to have changed.  But it has not.  When I enter the “EndNote X7 Edit & Manage Citations” again, the order is as I specified, but this is not reflected in the text.

A potential workaround is to simply select “Show Only in Bibliography,” and then manually type the references.  However, when I select this option, the references remain in the text.  Then if I delete the citations from the text, the references are deleted from the Bibliography.

My Rational for changing order: The journal requires that in-text citations are presented chronologically.  I need to break this order on occasion, however, when contrasting references, such as: (Johnson 1954, Anderson 1982, but see Wilson 1960).

My bibliography at the end of the document is alphabetical and not numbered, in case that matters.  

Has anyone found a solution to this?

Thanks in advance for any help,