How to deliberately duplicate references?

I want to enter some references in EndNote X7 that are nearly identical except for one or two fields. Is there a way to avoid manually typing in all the information for each record?  That is, is there a way to duplicate a record and then edit the second record with the new information?

in the library?  Sure.  Simply select the reference you want to copy, ctrl C then ctrl V – voila, two copies, you can open the second one and edit it.  

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Thanks.  just the info I needed

This function seems to be broken in ENX7.  I use it all the time to create references for chapters within edited works.  No matter what I do, Paste is grayed out.  Any idea what’s wrong?  I can copy a reference and paste a citation into another app, but can’t paste a copy of a reference into my own library.  Never had a problem with this in ENX6.

Now it started working again.  I didn’t quit, reboot, or anything else.  I’m mystified – but at least it’s working.

Sometime, I see that, and then realize I am in the online mode or something silly like that.  

Thanks…really helpful…why not simple obvious way to do this from the drop down menus?

I suspect because it isn’t that common of a need and it is so easy?