How to "find" the "missing" attachment on Endnote


I just attached a PDF on EndnoteWeb.

However, the reference is different from the one on Endnote X8, like:

     Author: Bang, Ting (EndnoteWeb)

     Author: Ting Bang (Endnote X8)

(I had synchronized them many times)

Well, I synchronized them after attaching PDF, and the references were still different, but attached with the same PDF.

And I edited the reference on Endnote X8 (just typed a space and deleted it), in order to update the reference on EndnoteWeb, and now the reference is just like this:

     Author: Ting Bang (EndnoteWeb)

     Author: Ting Bang (Endnote X8)

It seemed that I synchronized them successfully, but the weird thing happened: there’s no PDF both on EndnoteWeb and X8. The most strange thing is: I can find the attachment in some folder (by Ctrl+F), but it just doesn’t exist on Endnote X8…