Loosing attached file absolute address in endnote web

Hi, I’m moving from Reference Manager  to  EndNote X7 and having some problems with attached PDF’s

I have a PDF which has been attached  to a reference with an absolute address (i.e. X:\REFS\TEST.PDF) and this is then synced to the EndNote Web.

If I then share that EndNote Web database with a collegue they don’t see the  PDF absolute address.

So it looks like absolute addresses are being removed .

Is there any way I can configure EndNote to retain absolute addresses for attached files when syncing to the web

Many thanks


p.s.Just out of interest  If I use the URL field with something like


then that link gets synced and shared correctly with my collegues.

I have your problem. How do you solve it?

I am using EndNote X9 from Iran. Do you know why I can not see some of PDF attachement in shared library?