How to get all papers where I am cited?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to somehow get a list of all papers where I am cited?

From I can search “Cited Reference Search”  and get a list of all papers where I am cited, but when I export the searches (Full rercord + cited references), isiknowledge exports all the info about the paper + a list of all citations.

In Endnote, is it possible to filter my citations, so I would have the following info:

The paper where I am cited, The paper that was cited

(basically I wouldn’t like to have the full list of citations, but only the citation of one author). 

In any format? 

Since I am very new to Endnote, I would be very happy if someone could provide me with more details how to achieve this.

Endnote doesn’t have a field for “citations”, so while you can collect the references that cite you, unless you upload the citations for each journal article that is cited -one by one -  and then use the Change/Move tool to add the cited paper to an unused field and then move on to your next journal article and repeat -  there is no way to import all of them and automatically report which paper of yours is quoted.