How to open IEEE proceedings and Journal template to word on endnote?

I only find on C:\Program Files\EndNote X4\Templates.

But it seems not the same as IEEE template of conference or journal.

I can find the the template on

So where is the correct template on endnote or how do I create one?

Thank you

You could suggestEndNote update the IEEE template but why not use the IEEE  template you downloaded from  the IEEE website (i.e., the MSW_USltr_format?  Instructions on using the IEEE template is explained in the template itself, the key point being: “Before you begin to format your paper, first write and save the content as a separate text file. Keep your text and graphic files separate until after the text has been formatted and styled…” [see Section III. Prepare Your Paper Before Styling].

So it seems that the idea might be to:

  1.  First write your paper using EndNote to generate the references, then when completed, convert the document to plain text. (Note:  Be sure to make a copy of the document as once it’s converted to plain text, the EndNote field codes will be permanently deleted.) 

  2. Now use the text-based document to copy-and-paste sections into the IEEE template. Then  type-in section headers (or copy and paste the ones currently shown in the template then just retitle them) as needed. (You’ll need to first delete the current text in the template’s sections to clear space for the copied text.)

3. After copyng-and-pasting the text, then add the graphic images, and type-in additional information as noted on the template (i.e., title,  subtitle, authors name, affiliation, name of organization, city, country, email, abstract, keywords, etc.).