Title Pages

I have not been able to figure out how to create a title page in APA style.  Can that be done in Endnotes?

Have you tried the EndNote APA manuscript template? Go to the EndNote toolbar, select Tools > Manuscript Templates then locate and click on the APA 6th MS Word template file which will activate MS Word.  The template can be adjusted in MS Word if needed.

Hello thanks for the suggestion.  However, I have a Mas computer and the place you suggest I go to uner tools does not exist.  Do you have any other suggestions?

I looked up templates in the Endnote Mac Manual (I opened the first one I found: X3 version, probably there in others as well) and found this:

You can start a new Microsoft Word document based on

predefined templates either from within EndNote or directly

from Word. You can also copy and edit one of the predefined

manuscript templates.

From Within EndNote

To create a document based on one of the predefined

manuscript templates:

  1. Start EndNote.

  2. From the

Tools menu, select Manuscript Templates.

  1. In the File dialog, browse to the Templates folder found in

the EndNote folder. (EndNote should automatically select

this location.)

  1. Select and open the template named for a particular editorial

style guide or the publisher to which you intend to submit

your manuscript.


Chapter 11: Cite While You Write with Microsoft Word

This opens a new document in Microsoft Word that is based

on the template file, and starts a manuscript template wizard

to help you set up your paper.


The first time you launch the manuscript template wizard, you

may receive a notice about macros. Accept macros to continue with the


  1. Enter the information requested by the template wizard. (See

the next section, “Supplying Information to the Template

Wizard” on page 307 for more information.)

As you enter information, the wizard places it in all of the

appropriate places in the document. The windows that

appear, and the information requested, varies depending

upon the publisher.

  1. To complete the wizard:


Click Next to continue providing information. If you do

not know how to respond to an information request,

simply click

Next to continue with the wizard. You can

later enter the appropriate information in the

designated, bracketed fields in Word.


On the final template wizard window, click Finish to

close the wizard and start writing!


You can click Finish at any time to bypass the wizard and start

working in the document. You will need to manually enter information

that would have been inserted by the wizard. Clicking

Cancel will stop

the creation of a new document.

The resulting Word document already contains the information

you provided to the wizard. To start entering text into the

document, look for indicators to guide you. See “Writing Your

Paper” on page 308 for tips about writing in the new document.

From Within Word

To use a manuscript template from within Word:

  1. Start Microsoft Word.

  2. From Word’s

File menu, select Project Gallery.

  1. Select the EndNote item to display the supplied templates.

  2. Select the template you wish to use, and click


  1. The EndNote manuscript template wizard will start, as

described earlier, and will lead you through the process of

setting up your paper.

Chapter 11: Cite While You Write with Microsoft Word


When you complete the wizard, you are ready to start writing!

To edit a manuscript template:

  1. Start Microsoft Word.

  2. From Word’s

File menu, select Open.

  1. Navigate to EndNote’s Templates folder.

  2. Select and

Open the manuscript template you wish to

modify. Template filenames end with the extension .DOT.

  1. Make changes to the template, and then save a copy of the

file with a new name.


Changes to a manuscript template may disable the manuscript

wizard for that template.

Also see Terrence Jorgensen’s (Kennesaw State University) YouTube video on “How to Format an APA Style Paper Using Word [2011] for Mac”: