How to remove spaces in 'Date' field in EN after importing Sente?

I have just imported my Sente library with 1500 references into EN X6 but have noticed that all those date fields with a date in it have 4 spaces before the date of publication.  This obviously looks unacceptable when inserting either author, date or when the citation is listed in the bibliography.

Any way of deleting those 4 spaces across the EN library or way of exporting it from Sente? Or do I have to manually remove the spaces on each reference in the library?

By the way, CWYW is the bees knees!


The Edit>Find/Replace should help delete the spaces, although it doesn’t always work the way one expects.  You need to make sure the “match word” is deselected, and that the appropriate field is selected (Date) - and I find that trying to replace 4 spaces sometimes is a bit tricky, but  if you put in something in the “replace” box and delete, it usually works.