extra space in citations

I’m having a problem with in-text citations.  I’m using Endnote X7.  The main problem i’m having is citations together which appear as 

(Han 2002 , Mackey 2006 , Rassaei 2013 , Sheen 2007)

With an extra space after the year.  I went into edit output style, citations and at the bottom it says multiple citation seperator, but there is no space there before the comma.

A secondary problem is when I choose display - author (year) the end bracket disappears.

Any suggestions about this would be appreciated.

thank you

Please attach the output style you are using.  I suspect that the template has an additional field which needs linking and or separateion characters, so that when there is no (for example cited pages) the space is excluded as well.  Would make it easier to examine the cause of the second lost parenthesis as wll.  

you will find your edited output style on a PC in the my documents/endnote/styles folder.  and attach it to the bottom of the reply message “choose file” in the attachments box which will appear below the Body box.   

Hello Leanne 

I have attached the file.  The problem started to occur after I changed computers and started using a different version of endnote.

thank you for your help


Author-Date Copy.ens (17.7 KB)

Here you go

Author-Date -citedpages.ens (17.9 KB)

I apologize for dropping the ball on this topic. Maybe you have sorted it by now.  I attach the repaired output style, which should remove both problems.  When the Cited Pages box is empty, the space is still included.  Linking the space to the cited pages fields in both templates (Author Year| Cited Pages|) and Author (Year| Cited Pages|) should fix the output, although I haven’t tested it. 

again, sorry it too so long. 
Author-Date cited-pages fix.ens (18 KB)

Hi Leanne 

Yes, thank you that fixed it.  I hadn’t managed to sort it yet.