how to seach for quotes within pdfs in endnote

Hey there,

I am wanting to search through the pdfs stored in my endnote library to find particular sentences or quotes


" the fish swam upstream"

how do i get endnote to search through the pdfs stored [e.g. in the total collection, or within a custom group] so i can quickly and easily find this sentence?

equally for e.g. “mercury”, how can i find all connections/occurances in each body of each pdf article (i.e. get endnote to find these words, and let me know the paper and where the word ‘mercury’ is (and even highlight it)

you can do it in Quosa, but so far i haven’t been able to work out how to do it in Endnote X2

any help appreciated.


Not a feature (yet, anyway).  As you say, other software like Quosa has this capability.  Also see for older discussion of some other software packages with the capability to use in conjunction with Endnote.  Endnote is primarily a package to produce bilbiographies.   Now if the developers could just get it to write my manuscripts as well, now there would be a useful product!