searching for text within references

Hey there ,

I’m new to endnote and I’m wondering if there is a function that allows you to search for particular words or quotes/phrases within the collection of reference papers that you have in your endnote library.

for example

I have a collection of 300 papers [attached as pdfs] in my endnote library to do with evolutionary theory.

I am trying to find all the quotes that mentioned ‘teleological problems’ in these papers so i can see which authors were interested, or discussing ‘teleology and its associated problems’ [however briefly (i.e. to include searches within the text of papers where teleology isn’t included in the abstract or keywords)].


From this search I’d like to generate a list of the papers in my library that have references to teleology in the pdf [as opposed to [or including] keywords] and for endnote to group these papers into a custom group for me.

Then… [and I may be asking too much, but me and a friend wrote something in filemaker pretty quickly to do all this (but it didn’t look as flashy or integrate with endnote)] does endnote bring up a window that selects the paragraph that the quote (or close to it) is in so I can copy and paste my choice of quotes into my paper [or just confirm who said what rather than rely on my memory and hope]

[basically so I don’t have to sift thru hundreds of papers looking for some bits of text i remember reading] 


to summarise -

I want to find text contained in the pdfs of my library and be able to access it from a search in endnote.

equally if anyone knows of any other programs that can do this can they please let me know?

It’d be really handy 



No, Endnote does not have this capability.

Older discussions on alternatives are here.

I am sure there are other programs with this capability, as a google search reveals a number of adds.  Perhaps people with experience of some these - could add their two cents.


You could use these another programs, to search the .DATA and subfolders of Endnote. which (if using the relative options for attachments) would hold all the different PDFs.