How to update references from e.g. Pubmed


I am new to endnote. I am co-writing a paper with a collegue, and I have retrieved the references from the draft paper and entered them into my database. These references, however, contain limited info, and e.g. do not contain abstracts etc.

My question is: Is it possible to update the database so that abstracts and other “missing” information is retrieved automatically? (Like it is possible to automatically retrieve and store PDFs of articles which are not restricted by subscription arrangements)

Thanks for your advice

Claus Sternberg

The answer is yes and no. 


Endnote does not have an easy way of retrieving the missing fields such as Abstract, but EndnoteX2 now has the ability to retrieve and attach full text PDFs (and this should work better in the upcoming update, I understand).  I am not sure how well that works from a “retrieved” reference.  For your purposes, it may be better to download a fresh record into the database, which would contain all the fields you wanted.