Endnote X6- Abstract missing from references

I exported lots of references from multiple sites and some of them don’t have the abstract. Is there a way to get them without starting again??


Maybe…  Have you tried the menu References>find references updates?  

yes but there isn’t always the abstract in the update…

That may mean that there isn’t a an abstract in the databases that Endnote uses to update?  – if you downloaded it again, is there one?  What field and databases do you usually use?

I didn’t try to download it again cause I have like 3 000 references… I want to find another way to do it… and I use Psychinfo, pubmed, embase, cinahl, etc.

My question is - Is there an abstract in - say pubmed, in which case the update will work.  If there isn’t - then redownloading wouldn’t pull it either.  I don’t know which databases the find updates works on.  Tech support might be able to tell you that.  I use Pubmed almost exclusively.  There, some records have no abstract.  If they do, then it gets updated.  – of course you still have to go thru them one by one.  I would sort on abstract and record type in the library window, and try updating those that are articles likely to have abstracts.  Caution, if you do too many at one time, your IP address may be blocked as a denial of service to pubmed.  (and you need to make sure that your preferences are set to look in pubmed)