I cannot attach a Word document in a reference

I can’t attach a Word document to a reference (EndNote X9). When I try to do so, the window opens, I can choose my Word document, but when I click “open” nothing happens. The window closes but the document is not added to the reference. Yet everything works correctly when I add pdf documents.

Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you

can you drag and drop it to the record in the library display?  Are you sure it isn’t attaching it?  It won’t show up, in the “preview” like a PDF will.  

No, it doesn’t work. There nothing attached when I try to do this. I don’t see anything anywhere.

Thank you for your help

Then I would call or email Clarivate tech support 

this is the paste from TMartin, support provides:


If this does not resolve the issue or you need additional help then please contact Technical Support directly:

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


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I’m not sure I was clear. In my EndNote library, I can attach a Pdf document to a refrence, but not a Word document.

Yes, I understood  – and I can attach different file types  in EndnoteX9 (see image for PDF, word, excel file, and jpg) and open them from the record.  They do not show up on the right hand layout though.  

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thank you very much Leanne for your help, I’m sorry I hadn’t seen it (oups).

Yes indeed, my Word is present in the record, but If I remember well in older versions of EndNote, the document looked different.