Can't attach PDFs

To add PDFs that I can’t download using Endnote, I usually go to the journal’s website, download the PDF to my desktop, and then drag it to the reference in my library.  This typically works fine.  Unfortunatly, I’m not sure what I’ve done, but now when I try to drag PDFs from my desktop to my references, my cursor turns into a symbol showing that I can’t attach the PDF.  The PDFs in question come from different journals and all have short filenames with only letters.  Does anyone know why this may be occuring?

Thank you!

are you sure you are dragging them onto the record copied to your library and not to the record in the pubmed window? 

Correct.  I can’t drag the PDF to any reference in either of my libraries. 

However, I just figured out that I can attach PDFs by opening a reference and using the “Attach Figure…” toolbar button.  Still, this is a hassle.

Where is your library housed (the folders aren’t write protected are they?) and what versioin of Endnote and what Operating system? With ENX and later, you don’t want to attach it to the “figure” option (which drag and drop never worked on to my knowledge), but to the “file attachment” field. 

My libraries are housed within the “My Documents” folder.  I’m using EndNote X2 and Vista 64-bit.

I just came into my office and check if I can attach files on this computer (the libraries are synched between my two computers), and it works fine.  My office computer has Windows XP Pro installed.  

Ugh, vista.  can’t help you there. Sound like another Vista feature!  i would check with Thompson Tech support and see if they can help.   

Ok, thanks for trying!