ibid should begin in lower case

Endnote no longer allows ibid in lower case. Instead Ibid is inserted into repeated references. Does  It used to work. ibid is required in the OSCOLA law style (www.law.ox.ac.uk/oscola))


The appearance of ibid, in place of repeated footnote references, can still be customized by editing your EndNote output style.  To do so:

1.  Open EndNote.

2.  Click “Edit>Output Styles>Open Style Manager”.

3.  Find this particular output style and double-click on its name.

4.  When the Edit Style window appears, click on the “Repeated Citations” tab.

5.  The Repeated Citations tab has two associated settings:
a.  A setting for-  “If the Same Reference Repeats in a Consecutive Citations”.

b.  A setting for-  “If the Same Source Repeats in Consecutive Citations”.

You may find a capitalized ‘Ibid’ in one or both of these fields.  Feel free to change the capitalization for either by backspacing the capitalized ‘I’ and replacing the letter with a lowercase ‘i’.

6.  Close the style and save your changes.

7.  Try formatting your document with the newly saved version of your customized output style.

Please let me know if this solves your formatting issue.  If the problem persists, there may be a separate issue that we’d need to take a look at.  In that case, I’d contact you directly in order to find the underlying cause. 

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Hello, I recently encountered this problem and used the Style Manager exactly as above in order to fix it. I changed “repeat citations” to a lowercase “ibid” but found when I ran it on my word document it was not showing up, despite all other changes I would make to the style working with ease.

I found that only by selecting “force separation” in the drop-down menu on the right of the task-bar when replacing the lower-case “ibid” would the word document actually show a lower-case. I placed the force separation lines before and after the lowercase ibid. They look like this:  |

I hope this helps if anyone reads the above, as I did, and still cannot get it to work. Lawyers using EndNote become style-fixers very quickly because it is an imported (and very demanding) style.