Repeat citations - citing repeated reference in footnote rather than Ibid just for first footnote on page


Please, can someone point me in the direction of one of the styles in EndNote X3 that will allow me to use Ibid for repeat citations in footnote, but then for the first footnote on each page, have the program actually cite the reference rather than having several pages in a row saying “Ibid…”?  (ie. to save people who are reading the document to flip back pages to find out what the reference is?) 

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i am not aware of any style that accomplishes what you are asking for.  See this threadfor a similar request.

Hi, I have a problem with repeated citations:

I’m editing a book in MSWord containing several chapters by individual authors. Each chapter has its refs in footnotes, and there’s a comprehensive bibliography at the end. I’ve created a custom ouput style that seems to work fine. The bibliography generates nicely and having the foonote numbering reset to 1 for each chapter depends on setting the proper Section break in MSWord. However there’s an annoying issue I can’t seem to find the solution for.

In each chapter, the first citation of a work appears as a whole ref, later ones abreviated using Short Title.

However, if subsequent chapters cite a work that was refered in a previous chapter, the first occurrence is not given as a whole ref, but as a short one, assuming that the complete ref was already given above.

Is there any way to reset ‘repeated citations’ to 0 for each section in a Word Document?

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Have you tried adjusting the “Sections” setting of the output style? (see attached image; go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, NAME [of the style]. 

There’s an option continuing numbering and settings for disambiguation and repeated citations accross all sections. If you wish to have complete bibliography at the end of the document try the last option for creating a bibliography for each section and a complete bibliography at the end of document.