"idem" in Endnote X4 and Word 2010


I have been having trouble with CWYW properly inserting “idem.”  It is supposed to be used when you cite the same author more than once in the same footnote.  When I was just using X4 without updates, it was not coming up at all even though the style has the option checked.  I recently updated to X4.0.2 and now “idem” is everywhere!  Each new footnote referring to the same author is starting with “idem.”  I don’t think this is correct.  I didn’t have this problem using X4.0.1 with Word 2003.  Any suggestions?


Hello Malachi,

Can you post the style that you are using so we can take a look at the formatting please.

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Cheryl - The EndNote Team

I am using a modified version of Turabian Bibliography.

I have attached a screen image of my selections on the Footnotes>Author Lists in the modify style window.

Here is the kind of phenomenon that I am talking about:

1 idem, “Defense”, 89-90; cf. 93.  Note also idem, “Identity”, 2, 16.

2 idem, “Defense”, 93. 

Only the second idem in note 1 is correct.

author lists screen.JPG

Yes, but if you attach the exact style itself (.ens file) we can look at the exact settings.


I was able to replicate the issue with your description, thank you.

We recentely added some formatting within the footnotes citation formatting.  The logic, however was not based on this specific scenario. 

EndNote is not capable of formatting the idem correctly at this time but we have added a suggestion to enhance the current logic so that the idem does print correctly when the author repeats in the “same” footnote.

To work aroudn this issue, I changed the formatting for the authors to remove the repeated author and then I used the “edit citation” to add the page numbers and the abbreviation idem. to the citation.

Cheryl – The EndNote Team

I think that I tried the work around correctly.  I notice that I have to enter manually the author’s name when I edit citations for those that would have mistakenly printed “idem.”  Is that correct?

I have attached my modified Turabian Bibliography Style as well.  If the helps.

Turabian Bibliography TIasIS.ens (108 KB)


Yes you will need to remove the author that would have been replaced with the “idem”.

Cheryl - The EndNote Team