Import EndNote library with groups

I am trying to import my existing EndNote library where I have created all my groups in to a new library. I chose Import-- EndNote library which seems to import everything but not the groups. Can anyone advise how to do so as I have quite a few groups and do not fancy redoing all that! 


Since there is no grouping functionality within Reference Manager, the closest way to recreate this behavior would be to assign text keywords to your EndNote library records before exporting.  Before making any global edits within EndNote, be sure to save a backup copy of your library.  Once the file has been backed up, you could select a group from the left hand side of the library window.  With that group selected, and only those particular records showing on the library window, you could go to “Tools>Change and Move Fields” to pick a field where you’d be adding the name of the group to your records.  After bringing these references into Reference Manager, you could then perform searches for the names of the groups to show those particular references on the Reference Manager database window.  Please let me know if this helps.

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My references file from endonte got damaged and, following the instructions, I used the Tools>Recover Library command. It worked, but I could not recover the groups, which is a very big annoyance, as I have hundreads of references clustered in groups that related to different projects. How can I recover the groups? Best regards,