Exporting Groups in X3

Hi All. This is my first time to post and the first research project that I’ve used EndNote for. I apologize up front if this is a stupid question :slight_smile:

The research that my team has been doing consists of checking several online databases for academic publications on a specific topic according to predetermined search parameters, taking those results into EndNote and classifying them as “YES”, “NO”, or “MAYBE” according to how relevant they seem at first glance. EndNote has been very helpful in making it easy to collect all the citations for the hits we get. I’ve been using Groups in EndNote to classify hits as Y/N/M. In a later phase of the project, we will need to export these groups separately and combine them into one library.

My questions is therefore as follows: is there any way to export one specific group and to import that group into another group in another EndNote library? Or can you think of a workaround (e.g. using Custom fields)?

I hope this was cogent and clear. Any help is appreciated!

Instead of exporting the grouped references have you considered simply embedding the corresponding code (i.e., “Maybe”, “Yes”, and “No”) within the grouped references?  This will allow you to maintain the references within the same library and corresponding group plus assigning each reference a specific “group” identification code allows for  easier aggregation/disaggregation/search capability.

To illustrate:

  1. [Refer to Image1].  There are various viewing options available from the EndNote main window. You may view all of the references, or the references associated with a particular group (Maybe, Yes, No).

  2. You can assign a code designating a specific group (Maybe, Yes, No) by using the “Change and Move Fields”. [See Image2.]  The code could be text (Maybe) or numeric (3) in nature and assigned to a pre-existing field in the reference template - this example uses the “Notes” field.  (You could also setup a custom field instead of using a pre-existing field.)  

Begin by selecting the specific group (Maybe) then going to the EndNote toolbar, select Tools, Change and Move Fields. Select the field and “Replace whole field with” options then designate the code (Maybe). Click Ok then when the warning message appears, click OK to proceed with changing the fields.  Note: Changing fields is irreversible so always maintain a backup copy.

  1. The embedded field will now appear in the corresponding group’s references [See Image3].


An alternative, is to add the Yes, no, maybe to any field using the edit field option, and then create “smart groups” based on the text in that field (Select the record in the group, then Edit>change text).  After transfer to a new library, the smart groups could easily be created again. 

You can export groups as well, in endnote X3.