Import error with Issue field

Hello. Could someone give me basic guidance on constructing complicated source fields, or direct me to a helpful post, please? I’ve made several variations to cover our historically varied data, but one field variation is failing to turn up. I assume I’m missing something basic.

Our issue field, in marc subfield r, nearly always begins with ‘no.’ - so that’s easy: ‘$rno. Issue’

However, if it’s a supplement, we don’t have a prefix, we just have ‘Suppl.’ as the data in the field. Neither ‘$rIssue’ or ‘$rIssue.’ work. I’ve tried it in different rankings, so I’m not sure what to do. Is it expecting a number? Do people put it in another field? Is the punctuation incorrect? Please advise me.

Thank you very much,


The different versions of the subfield must all be on the same line in the filter template. Versions with distinctive literal text (such as vol. or no.) or distinctive punctuation come first. The version with no distinctive text or punctuation comes last.

So for example the 773 tag might look like this:

773 $aJournal$dYear$gVol. Volume$gv. Volume$rno. Issue$rIssue$qpp. Pages$qp. Pages$qPages

Remember that you will only have one 773 line in the filter template. MARC filters are different from other filters, where you might have several different SO lines in the template.

With a MARC filter you only have one line for each numerical tag (100, 245, 773, etc.), and multiple variants within that tag for the subfields (if necessary).

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much! I didn’t realise marc only used one line - I’ve been giving them multiple line variations like the source examples I saw in the manual.