Displaying a specific field

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Is it possible to actually display the SU field within Endnote itself, or would I only be able to do that if I exported to an output style? When working with records imported from EBSCO MEDLINE I would like the “SU” (subject) field to appear. I have tried importing EBSCO records using a plain text file where everything field is separated by line; however, the import seems to fail, as the records will not import.

Any advice appreciated!


If you are exporting the EBSCO records as a text file importing them into Endnote will require using an import filter, not the output style. Failure to import the EBSCO records might be due to: 1) the “tags” in the records don’t match the corresponding ones in the Endnote import filter; 2) using the incorrect Endnote import filter.

Could you provide a sample of a few records in the text (.txt) file format so we can see what we’re dealing with? Also, which Endnote field, did you want to “place” the SU data? Finally, which Endnote import filter did you use to import the text file?

Hi there,

Please see attached. I’m wondering if the issue is because it says “Record:Number” between every record?

I would like the SU field to appear in any of the custom fields.

I tried the “PsycINFO (EBSCO)” and the “MEDLINE (EBSCO)” import filters.


Sample EBSCO.txt (16.8 KB)

Thanks for the text file. The problem is the SU field “tag” appears in your text file but is not included in the Endnote import filter. But that’s an easy fix. If you want the SU field data to be imported in an Endnote custom field, you will also need to 1st set up the custom field before it can be used in the import filter. What did you want to use as the custom field’ s name (the field name that appear in the Endnote record)?

Ahh, ok, I have figured something out–although perhaps not the correct way:

-In preferences, I modified the Journal Article type, and renamed Custom 3 to EBSCO Subjects

-I edited the PsycINFO (EBSCO) import filter by changing the template. I replaced MT with SU (since MT didn’t seem like it was being used as it was labelled {IGNORE}), and entered EBSCO Subjects as the corresponding field.

I was able to import the records, and they all show the EBSCO Subjects now.

Is there a more efficient way?

You got it - all that’s needed is to: 1) modify the Journal Article reference type to set up the custom field (EBSCO Subjects); and 2) modify the import filter to include the text file’ s SU data tag and the receiving Endnote field (EBSCO Subjects).

Thank you for all of of your help!