Short title in bibliography


I would like to have the following format in the bibliography:
Lai, Borchien: The Alien Tort Claims Act: Temporary Stopgap Measure or Permanent Remedy?, Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business 26 (2005), S. 139-165 (“Stopgap Measure”).

Therefore, I have defined the template as

Author: Title|, Journal| Volume| (Year)|, S. Pages| (“Short Title”)|.

The problem is, when there is an article that doesn’t have a short title (because I have only one article of that author), it inserts the full title instead of the short title between the quotation marks. But it would be supposed to enter nothing at all in this case. 

I am using Endnote 9.

Is there a solution to this?

EN does this kind of automatic replacement, which I sometimes don’t like.

I think you can use “Alternate title” field that doesn’t do this automatic replacement. I tried with X2 an X3 and it works, but not sure with 9.