Incorrect format for translated or reprinted work

I have been trying to use EndNote21 to reference (using APA 7th) translated works that have also been reprinted in an edited collection (eg. Essential Works of Foucault). The EndNote format for the intext and bibliography references though is incorrect. In the intext citation, it just puts the most recently published date, when according to APA 7th guidelines it should have the original publication date as well with a backslash in the middle (eg. 1983/1995). In the reference list, it also just gives the year of original publication, but APA 7th guidelines state that it needs to explicitly say "Original work published) and then the year.

As a reference, this is from the APA website, published in 2021: How to cite translated works

Is it possible to get EndNote21 updated so that it formats the citations/reference list in this way?

Intext citations can sometimes be a bit tricky, as they don’t adjust at all based on the reference type, in the same way you can finesse the bibliography. My recommendation is to select the citation, right click, go to the edit citation option exclude year, and then add the exact way you want it to appear, in the suffix. so if you want (Essential Works of Foucault, 1983/1995) then you need to put the text
, 1983/1995

in the suffix field. To get the version you need in the bibliography, you will need to make sure the reference type is created and includes the “Original work published” text is included in the output style template for that new ref type.

see for more suggestions and approaches.