Indexing and search your annotations

I’m new to EndNotes.  Thinking about using for my PhD dissertation. 

I think this is a simple question.

Wanting to see if it EndNotes will index PDF annotations that I add to my references such that I can come back later and search these annotations to find citations for certain topics.

Research will take a couple of years, so I want the ability to add a citation and retrieve certain topical citations later on when I’ve probably forgotten some of the details in these citations.

For example, if I annotate some text with “semantic text retrieval”, I want to ability to enter a search for “semantic” to find every citation that contains an annotation with the word “semantic”.

Has anyone done this and if so how?

EndNote X7 (and X6 for Mac) does index PDF files and the Sticky Note Annotation. This is from the EndNote Help Guide:

“Sticky note comments are searchable using the “Any Field and PDF” and “PDF Notes” options from the Field list.”

I am using Endnote X9 and can’t find a way to search for contents of sticky notes in attached PDF files. I am using the find search option in the Endnote reference window .

I am a postgrad student and our uni has recommended Endnote. We have some major literarure reviews to complete as part of our course. I have identified about 10 themes that have emerged from my review and want to annotate my  references (they are journal articles in PDF format) so that I can search on a particular them. One of the themes relates to the socio demographic theories of Bronfenbrenner.

I can add a sticky note to a PDF and save it succcessfully. i.e. adding a sticky note with the word “Bronfenbrenner”. In the main search bar I specify ‘PDF notes’  and ‘bronfenbrenner’ and Endnote successfully displays the reference that contains the ‘bronfenbrenner sticky note’, however it appears to be just an index listing.  When I open the pdf in Endnote I can search on existing text, but not the words in the sticky note. i.e when I search on the phrase ‘bronfenbrenner’  it doesn’t find it,even though it is in the PDF. This means I would need to click on every sticky note in the PDF to find the text I am after. 

This was raised back in 2013 and again earlier this year. Can you tell me if this functionality exists in Endnote?

If it doesn’t exist, are there plans to introduce it, or should I be looking at a different product?  Endnote is great for referencing, but I need this functionality to save me time (I’m reveiwing about 20 articles) .Thanks. Andy