How to annotate the PDF files in my Endnote library?

Hi, I just started using Endnote and attached some PDF files to my references.

Can I add notes or highlight the text on them in Endnote?

Hi. Yes, you may annotate the PDF files in your Endnote library.

Besides, the notes you added are searchable using “Any Field + PDF with Notes” / “PDF Notes”.

Therefore, you may also add some references with certain keywords you added to the PDF files in a smart group.

Below is the steps to annotate your PDF files:

  1. Open the PDF you attached to a reference in Endnote.

  2. Click the icon for Annotate Tool bar on the left top corner for more options.

  3. Select the text in the PDF and choose different icon under the Annotate Tool bar for different annotation
        e.g.: Sticky note (for notes or comments)
                Highlight (for highlighting some text in different color)
                Underline (for underlining the selected text)
                Strikethrough (for crossing out the text)

  4. Close the PDF and  Save  the changes

Here is a video for adding the annotations to your PDF in Endnote:

*The method is the same for Windows and Mac