Insert citation button MIA from Endnote 20

Please return the insert citation button to Endote 20!  I found this a very useful tool to insert multiple citations into word or even other microsoft programs. Now it’s a 3-click menu-based process which is not very efficient. In the meantime, is there a way to revert back to Endnote X9?

Thank you!


This - 100x This.

I uninstalled X20 and moved back to X9 just becuase of this.

This was the main reason to use Endnote. My research group wants to move to Zotero, maybe its time to stop fighting them.

Hi Westcotj and Guswillliams!

Terribly sorry about that omission.
With the release of the latest update, by popular demand, we have reinstated the Insert Citation button into EndNote 20.1.

Please make certain that you don’t stop posting your suggestions here.
It really does help us produce a better EndNote.

Thanks for all of your input!