Request to Bring Back 'Insert Citation' Button in EndNote20

One of the most convenient functionalities of previous EndNote Versions was the ‘Insert Citation’ button, which allowed you to quickly shift between the library and the WordDocument, ensuring correct placement of the correct citation. This is absent from EndNote 20 and the current way to do this adds time and effort to what should otherwise be a simple workflow task. I would very much like to see this button return in future updates, thanks!


Agree, would be helpful to restore this feature in Endnote 20

Totally and utterly agreed!!! EN20 without the button slows down the process of writing :frowning:



Yes,please bringback “Insert Citation” button!

Yes, I agree!

Totally agree with you Machan. This is so inconvenient. 

I agree, the entire reason to use EndNote is to add citations to a document.

Please bring back the icon for inserting a citation. Having to use 3-clicks is absolutly silly. It appears that the developers don’t use EndNote.

The main reason to use EndNote is to add citations to a document - making that harder is not helping the users.