Inserting PubMed field (web/URL field) as a hyperlink

Hi folks,

I’m trying to use RefMan for a regular publication alert.

One of the things I’m trying to do is to download a literature search into RefMan, then create a list of those records (Titles, authors, citation and web link).

I’m not really sure about all the refman options, so I’ve created an output style with the fields I want, then I’ll insert it as a bibliography (select all the records in ref man, then insert all into a blank word doc).

The problem I’m having is that the web/URL field fails to remain as a hyperlinked field. All I get is “PM:123456789” as plain text.

When I open each record, the Web/URL field is hyperlinked (it still says “PM:123456789”, but it is underlined in blue, and jumps straight to the Pubmed page for the record of that PM ID.

Any ideas on how I get this filed to remain hotlinked in a bibliography (or any other 'output option from Refman?). I realise the program is a little limited, and have seen posts saying that the web/url field has to be in the format / etc, however as the field in the Refman database is an actual hyperlink, I assume there is some way in keeping this in the bibliography/record list.

Many thanks


That is sorely needed.

In addition, the DOI field should do the same as should the PMCID field.

On a related note, I used User Def fields to record those DOI and PMCID fields in RefMan 11.  Now I use RefMan 12, my user definitions carried over, but how do I move the contents of my User def fields [18] and [19] into the new standard fields [31] and [22]?