PubMed filter?


I’ve noticed in the last 3-4 weeks something weird happens when I download records from PubMed.


This is how I do:


RefMan>Search>Internet Search (PubMed)>UID field>Parameter #>Search>Copy between databases


(Please see attachment with one example of how the record looks in RefMan once copied to my database (I couldn’t insert an attachment because the forum system doesn’t allow image-files!))


In the title field a number appears after the article title in a second line of the field (some times even in the 3rd line), it has to be some kind of order

number since today I downloaded 14 records and they all came with 1, 2, 3, … in the 2nd line after the title.


When I insert the reference into MS Word or an email I get the number there too!


This is how the reference looks like once inserter in MS Word:

Cowan DF, Curry BE. Histopathology of the Alarm Reaction in Small Odontocetes
1. J Comp Pathol 2008 Jun 12.


Is it my database or your filter?


Please advice,


I was not able to reproduce the problem.  I use the RM 11.1 Internet Search (PubMed) direct download function several times a week. Could you have made any changes to your import filter?

That said, I have had a similar issue with PubMed that doesn’t involve Reference Manager. Every now and then something goes very wrong with the PubMed file download formatting for a few days. I use PubMed’s export to XML file and sometimes the list item numbers get included in the download but not within the xml tags.

From your description it seems as though the problem I have now and then when downloading PubMed records WITHOUT Reference Manager may also be happening for downloads other than the NLM’s XML format. 

What version of RM are you using? What bib style are you using when you create a bibliography in Word?


I’m using RefMan 11.0.1 Professional Network Edition.

I don’t see the number when I download the record, it appears after I copy between databases. When I copy the record from the Source Reference List (Search #) to my Destination Database, there appears the number.

I tried this morning to download from a Z39.50 site and there it was again after I copied to my database, so is not just PubMed. I guess it has to be a RefMan issue.

I’m using Vancouver style to create the bibliography and as far as I know no changes have been done in any filters or styles.

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You need to turn on the displaying of Field Numbers.  In Reference Manager go to “View > Field Numbers”.  When Field Numbers is checked, copying references between databases can result in the RefID being added to the Title of a reference.