Invalid class String X4, Word 2010, Win7

Hi all,

I have Word 2010 , Win- 7 Professional , EndNote X4

I am administrator and there are no other user s.

  I installed EndNote for first time. B ut      “Invalid Class string”       error apperas.

What can i do?

Thanks in Advance,



Have you upgraded X4 to X4.0.2 which is compatible with Word 2010. If not, this may be the cause of your problem.

See info here:

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Jan Ove

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Dear parabuthus,

it was the more simple solution :smileyvery-happy:Tank you . . . the problem was solved.

Do you know the name of such style?

For Citation:  [THOM96]

For bibliography: [THOM96] Thome, R.; Hufgard, A.: Continuous System Engineering. Vogel, Würzburg 1996.

it is [4-characters of author’s name + 2-digits of year]

there are more than 4500 styles !!! which one is???

Endnote doesn’t have that facility.  In a previous thread, another user has developed a way to generate this tag and put it into a new field so one can generate the output by modifying the a style. 

see this thread and Private Message him

Also a more detailed thread is here.