iPad not synchronising


I have endnote 7 latest version on my computer and the app on my ipad. I recently noticed that ipad is not synchronising. 

I log in to myendnote and can see all my references are there, but when I log into ipad app with same credentials I only find 34 references (should 500+). 

I dont get any fault or error codes and am really at a loss what to do.

any ideas?

sincerely yours

sidenote which may or not be related: when I go into account information in myendnoteweb.com it mentioend roaming access has expired and than continues to say: Receive a free subscription to my.endnote.com with advanced features for two years when you upgrade to the latest version of EndNote

But I have bought the latets version of endnote and it was working previously.

I too am having persistent syncing problems with the iPad app. 

References that I add to EndNote Web do not reliably sync to the iPad version. For example, I just created a new reference on EW but it does not appear in my iPad library.

I have (for about the 10th time) reinstalled the app and done a complete library update. Out of 3821 references in my library, 3816 appear in the app version. Every time I do this a small number of references fail to sync, but they’re different every time.