problems with sync

I have endnote on my mac and have just installed it on my ipad. I have recently started an endnote web account.  I have about 3000 references in my library on the mac. I have a reasonably fast internet connection. 

The problem is that when I try to sync my library on the mac with the web account, there is a bar which comes up saying that it is retrieving updates. This bar persists even after an hour. This is a bit funny because I have not added any references to the web or to the ipad. About 2000 of the references have been uploaded to the web, but am still waiting for the other 1000 to be uploaded.

Would appreciate help in sorting this out.


I think I have a related problem. It seems that the EndNote sync on Mac blocks all other Internet traffic, at least in my Airport based network connection to internet. It might be that this happensto you after some time.

I tried to terminate the syncing, but that doesn’t help, if possible at all (???) . Moreover EndNote authorizes every now and then with Thomson via internet, and my guess is that that also leads to troubles.

So maybe we can get some help from our expensive Thomson support?