Journal abbreviation format (endnote X4)

How can I change journal abbreviation format?

I want insert ‘.’ between abbreviation.

I use microsoft word 2007 and endnote X4 version.

Ex> J Psychiatr Res → J. Psychiatr. Res.


Manually edit the Journal Terms “Abbreviation 1” field by inserting the periods to achieve: J. Psychiatr. Res

Go to the EndNote toolbar, select Tools > Define Term Lists. In the Term Lists dialog box click to select Journals from the List tab. Then click the Terms tab, go to the Abbreviation 1 column, locate and click the journal title you want to change, click “Edit Term” then insert the periods and click OK when done. Click “Close” to exit.


EndNote should be able to swap between abbreviations with periods and without periods automatically. Please follow the steps here to update your term list with the Medical list, then set the style as directed, selecting Abbreviation 1:

There is even a video there that shows the whole process.

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