Problem editing citation in Word 2007 (Endnote)


I am using WOrd 2007 and Endnote X3. I have a problem to format single citations. For example, an inserted citation was incorrectly formatted in endnote: The title appeared in the journal name. So after inserting with “cite while writing”, it appeared wrong in word. Now I would like to change it in endnote and have the change appearing in word.

But when I change it in the endnote library and update the bibliography, it does not change the reference list in word.

Could you please tell me how to proceed to change this.

Thanks a lot,

Sophie Demarche

Endnote matches the author, title, year and reference type to those in your library.  If you change one of those, then Endnote doesn’t recognize the match (at least with X3 and earlier, there may be some changes to X4 in this regard) and instead using the information embedded in the word document and pulls it from the “traveling library”.  Delete the reference or unformat the references and reformat.  The changed reference will then prompt for a new “match”. 

Thanks a lot!


I’m working on a manuscript with hundreds of citations. Right now I have named authors using their surnames, as the original poster had. the problem is that in the future I might need to change these names to the name of their corresponding organisations. Doing the fix outlined above just doesn’t cut it - there WILL be errors when I need to manually edit each citation.

Has this shortcoming been resolved in X4 (I’d happily upgrade if that’s the case)? Or is there another way for me to change the citation names, like a “Replace all”  feature?