Journal abbreviation is not coming when transferring search results from Scopus

I am using EndNote X2. I am facing a peculiar problem transferring references from scopus to my EndNote library. The Journal abbreviations are not coming. The Alternate Journal field is remaining empty after transfer from Scopus and as a result the Journal abbreviation is not coming in output style.

I did a complete transfer from Scopus so the source abbreviation was selected all the time. My term lists are ok, filters are ok. The same reference when I am saving from ISI web of Knowledge I am getting the Alternate Journal name and abbreviation for the article name. I checked the saved file from Scopus opening it in text file, it was showing that the Alternate Journal tag is there and the abbreviated form of the article is present but in EndNote some how that abbreviation is not coming for the journal names.

Please help me out.

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In EndNote, click on Edit>Import Filters>Open Filter Manager.

Find the filter called “RefMan RIS” and click on the Edit button.

When the edit window opens, go to the Templates section of the filter.

By default, the Journal Article template is showing. Scroll down to the JA tag. Change the corresponding field to Alternate Journal.

Close the edit window and, when prompted, save the change. Make sure that you save the edited filter under the same name. If EndNote is refusing to save it, that probably means that you haven’t set up personal folders in the Folder Locations section of the Preferences.

Close EndNote and reopen it (this step may not strictly be necessary).

Now the direct export from Scopus should work as required.

Dear John:

Thanks for your timely help and comments. It is a success. I did that, and scopus to endnote connection is now working perfect. I am more than happy after getting this solution.



I had a similar problem with journals published in spanish, which have an alternate journal name and article title.

In some cases is required to see the structure of your metadata.

Open .ris file with wordpad and review the tags T2 and JA.

Metadata also works if you replace: 

T2  Journal    for     T2  Alternate Title