Pubmed export and journal name in references

Dear colleagues,

I am using endnote X4 in Word 2010.

Since installing the last update all my exports from Pubmed search are retrieving the full journal name, at the same time that it generates a field for each reference called “Alternate Journal”, with the name that has to be used when writing a paper.

The problem is that now I have a mix of references that I need to cite with the Journal Name and others that I have to cite using “alternate Journal”.

Is there any way I could homogenise all my references in order to use them in a more straightforward way?

Thanks a lot

Andre Siqueira

Yes, you want to import a journal terms list and then use the appropriate column abbreviation for your journal of choice’s output style.  Detailed instructions on how to do this are in a number of locations.  You should only have to do it once. 

See here in the forum and here for the FAQ  and here for the Queensland FAQ and their recommended updated journal lists

I also turn off the auto-update so it keeps the list “clean”

In EndNote, click on Edit>Preferences>Term Lists.

Uncheck the boxes Update lists when importing… and Update lists during data entry.

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Dear Leanne

Thank you very much!

Very helpful.