Journal articles from Pubmed import as book sections

I am importing search results from Pubmed (search pubmed, select articles, send to/citation manager) using the Pubmed (NLM) filter.  Some of the references import as book section rather than journal article.  I looked at the filter, but cannot determine why it is not working.

Thank you.

Check the Pubmed (NLM) filter’s Default Reference Setting which should be set to “Journal Article” – see attached image. If you need to change the setting , save the changes by overwriting the Pubmed (NLM) filter.

BTW, EndNote has a Pubmed (NLM) connection file which connects EndNote to Pubmed.
Default Reference Setting.gif

journal article is the default.

Are you able to save the search results as a text or ris file - notably the references importing as book section - to enable seeing the tags and data? Problem might be the book section is using the same tag as journal articles.

Can you list a couple of the references that are imported as book section so we can test them ourself.

Been importing from PubMed for many years and I have never experienced this.

Also, which version of EndNote do you use and which browser?

Best wishes

Jan Ove