Problem getting reference from Pubmed into Reference window to import into library

This is a very frustrating problem.  I used to be able to search for references using the “Connect” function on Endnote, collect references, and import selected references into my library.  Very recently (1 week), I was not longer able to get references into the “Pubmed at Medline” window that normally shows the references that you downloaded.  What’s odd is the status window will say “downloading reference 1 of 3, 2 of 3… etc.” and when you look at the connection status window, there is data there.  There is a text file version of the references.  So data is coming in but not getting outputted into the right window for easy importing into the library.

Has anyone experienced this problem? I tried removing Endnote and reinstalling.  I’ve updated the connection and filter files.  Nothing seems to make it work anymore.

Connect or Filter importing from pubmed to Endnote?  That is, is endnote collecting the files or is pubmed generating a file to import into endnote?  if the later (using the filter function, not the connect funtion) try a different browser.  Sometimes the browser settings get messed up, so it is not opening the file extension in the right program (or not opening it at all and it is sitting in the download folder, where you could manually ask it to be opened by endnote). (1.09 KB)