I have a small problem with Journal titles. In my adapted MHRA style, I have added a new reference type for Journal Reviews. Is there any way I can get the Journal abbreviations list to apply to this new reference type in addition to journals? I’m using Endnote X1.0.2


In EndNote, when you click on Tools>Link Term Lists, does the dialog box indicate that your Journals list is linked to the “Journal (Secondary Title)” field?

If so, I think any reference type will use your journals term list, providing that the data you want to replace is in the generic Secondary Title field. If you didn’t use the generic Secondary Title field for the journal title when you set up your modified reference type, you probably need to modify the reference type and use the Move Fields command to get the journal data into the Secondary Title field.

You also need to open your output style for editing, and check the Journal Name section. Make sure the box “Abbreviate journal article articles only” is NOT checked. Now EndNote will always check the Secondary Title field against the terms list, regardless of the reference type. This could possibly be a problem with other reference types that use the Secondary Title field (e.g. Book Section), but probably the Secondary Title field in those references won’t match anything in your terms list, so no replacement will be made.

I haven’t tested this, so I may be wrong.

John East

University of Queensland Library

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Thanks! That seems to work.


I have a related problem.  Some entries are abbreviated, other abbreviated incorrently or not at all.  When opening the edit term for a particular journal it looks like some of the terms are incorrect, listing the abbreviation 2 under abbreviation style 1, or just incomplete. 

Is there a way to import journal entries correctly, or do we have to manually edit these entries…there are many with errors!


See  thread: 


Yes, thanks.  I had already imported the abbreviations based on the John’s instructions and

The continuing problem is that the entries that I imported from the Medicine and Humanities lists are not all complete or correct.  I was just wondering if there was an automated way to import these list entries for specific journals (e.g., Journal of Language and Memory has abbreviation 1 incorrectly as JMemLan)…say like you can do for a reference in a library…or do I have to edit each incorrect list entry manually.

ALSO, does anyone know if we have to do this process of importing the journal list for EVERY reference library we create?  Can we just update ENDNOTE as a whole?


They are library specific, which is why I use only one library.  I delet the journal abbreviation, and import every list that John has, that I think could include a journal I might come across.  You can also turn off the automatic updating which should avoid getting the journal abbreviations imported into the list inappropriately, if they aren’t already represented… I turn both “during data entry” and when “importing or pasting” off. 

From X3 help:

Term Lists Preferences

To access these settings, go to the Edit menu, choose Preferences, and click on Term Lists in the list of preferences.Update lists when importing or pasting references

<deleted some bits>

Update lists when importing or pasting references

When this option is selected, the term lists are automatically updated as you import references (using the Import command from the File menu), drag-and-drop references, or Paste references in to your library. If you turn this option off, you can always manually update your term lists by selecting Define Term Lists from the Tools menu, highlighting a term list, and clicking Update List (see Manually Updating Term Lists).

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Just FYI, to find the correct journal abbreviations for many journals in order to manually update a journal list entry you can use PUBMED.  In the search bar enter the journal name and then select Journals in the pull down menu to the left of the search bar (default setting PUBMED).