library compatibility X1 & X4

My department is upgrading from Office 2007 to Office 2010.  I have Endnote X1, and I know I must upgrade to X4.

After upgrading from X1 to X4, can I use my existing library with no problems?  Are there other issues I need to be aware of?

In my experience it has been pretty seamless. The only thing to ensure, and you have probably already dealt with, is that X1 likes to use styles etc in the Program Folders directories and more recent versions point your preferences to a user location.  The newer versions will access/compile the installed styles, connect files and filters in the “write protected” area (Program Folder/endnote) as well as the preferences defined folder locations. 

Also, as a little know feature, you can share the “default content file location” (the non-editable content normally located in Program Files\Endnote folders)  with others in a network environment.    That is nice, so that updated styles can be replaced for all users, rather than on a one-by-one basis.  Instructions are in the program help file and PDF manual.  (search for Changing the Default Content File Location).