Upgrading from Endnote 4

Just upgraded my Mac OS to 10.9.4 which Endnote 4 isn’t compatible with. I’m running MS Office for Mac 2008.

Are there issues in upgrading from such an old version (Endnote 4) to current version 7 that I need to be aware of. Thanks for any help and suggestions. 

The general advice is to “back up any existing EndNote library files and any customized content files (e.g. output styles, connection files, and import filters), close all open programs, and then uninstall any older versions of EndNote” [refer to the knowledgebase article “Endnote: upgrade from an older version” at  http://endnote.com/kb/82130

If you also custom reference types you could export a copy of the table (.xml format ) then import it into the updated version of Endnote. However, the reference types and fields have changed since Endnote X4 so importing the XML table file may pose some problems. But if the imported table file does appear as you expect it to be the reference table can be reset to the original default settings.

Doing a backup is usually recommended.

i think it will not get a problem